Better Low Battery Warnings in OSX

I was recently reminded of an issue I'd solved a while back on my Mac when I switched over to a machine for my travels ( - The battery notification is not urgent enough, nor the battery dead enough, to distract me from the task at hand. Yes… Read more →

Guide to VIM in OSX Lion (& Linux)

Updated for Mountain Lion and misc. changes: Install Xcode Command Line Tools Upgrading VIM now possible directly through Homebrew (not with an alt repo) This post details how to install a VIM working environment under OSX or Linux. The beauty of this approach is that it will allow you to… Read more →

Wrangling Personal Digital Assets (DAM)

One of the side effects of our times is the amount of digital content we produce. Everyday we're increasingly prone to taking pictures and videos with our pocket computers (read: currently iPhone 4S). Blink, and suddenly there are 12 years and thousands of media files (> 20GB) scattered across mismatched folders… Read more →